I call it...: I need your help in taking down an art thief!


So I was searching ‘Paperman’ on Deviantart for some good fanart and here’s what I see.


A fanart right next to mine. THAT LOOKS 90% LIKE MINE.

The deviation in question is this one and here’s my original. My piece was posted on the 17th of November, hers was posted 13 days after mine.

Via Shut up and explode

DC Women Kicking Ass: Kick Ass DC Woman Tourney: First Round, First and Second Matches


It’s on! Today is the first day of competition in the:

And today we have two very exciting matches.

In the first match we have a match-up of two Bat females!

In this corner, the out and proud woman who wants to serve:

Kate Kane, Batwoman!

and in the other corner, the former girl…

Via DC Women Kicking Ass


Avengers #1 (Deadpool Style)


More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/story/19326/first_look_avengers#ixzz28ogdlFnC


Cosplay Preview: Supergirl (New-52)

Now with cape! Getting it to lay how I want. I almost like the outfit without the cape, even though it feels a little incomplete. Maybe I’ll try wearing it one day without it.


This is one of my favourite superman pictures from Deviant Art. I don’t remember who it was as I saved this on my computer a while ago (If you really wanted to know it’s probably in my favourites on Deviant Art… I’m just rather lazy). Point is, it’s awesome and I love the colours.

This is wonderful art!

Admiral General Aladeen appeared live on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer’s cleaning lady, Ann Curry and the eunoch Al Roker - Watch the video broadcast. Admiral General Aladeen retaliates Oscars 2012’s ban.

DC NEW 52: Justice League #5 - Hal Jordan is clueless on who is Bruce Wayne when “Batman” revealed his secret identity.

Action Comics #1 (2011 -). Variant Cover by Jim Lee. Written by Grant Morrison

Price: US$3.99.

Type: First Print.

Stock: Not available. 

REVIEW: The one and only Grant Morrison (ALL-STAR SUPERMAN) returns to Superman, joined by sensational artist Rags Morales (IDENTITY CRISIS), to bring you tales of The Man of Steel unlike any you’ve ever read! Jim Lee providing the variant cover is just amazing! A whole new Superman in the making. This Superman kick-ass! It has the attitude of Superboy-Prime which makes his overall character interesting. One good piece you will never regret!

NOTE: One of my long-awaited book! Finally got a copy of this for RM50 (approx. US$6.99). I don’t have the standard cover. Seems like it was sold out when I’m away for exhibitions/events. Is this the Jim Lee’s Superman we anticipated for? His last challenge was Superman: For Tomorrow. Last time, Lee commented that Superman is the toughest character to sketch/draw. So what’s your say on this Action Comics #1 (2011) and Superman: For Tomorrow? - Jordache Wee , (B L N B R D)

The Evolution of Music in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]

The Evolution of Music in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]
Each day, Mashable highlights one noteworthy YouTube video. Check out all our viral video picks. PR firm SimplyZesty manages to cram the evolution of digital distribution into a punchy three-minute video. Starting in 1970, the video tracks the rise of digital sales, the fall of vinyl, …

Justice League #2 . Cover & Art by Jim Lee

Justice League #2

Character: Superman & Batman

Artist: Jim Lee 

Media Type: Pen and Ink

Art Type: Centrespread (Page 2 & 3)

For Sale Status: NFS

Detective Comics #1 (2011 -). Cover, Art, & Written by Tony Salvador Daniel

Price: US$2.99.
Type: First Print.
Stock: Limited copies. 

REVIEW: Detective Comics return with Bruce Wayne claiming the rightful title and his cowl. In this first issue, we see Batman helped someone’s niece and his first meeting with the lunatic Joker as he tries to fight and put him behind Arkham Asylum; which he did. That will lead us to a whole new chapter in #2.

This book is rated T and yet the content is definitely a rated M for Mature. The intensity of blood involved is just massive and brutal. An image of Joker’s face-skin is seen nailed to the wall. - Jordache Wee , (B L N B R D)

Justice League #1 (2011-). Cover & Art by Jim Lee & Scott Williams. Written by Geoff Johns

Price: US$3.99.
Type: First Print.
Stock: Currently unavailable. 

NOTE: Within a week, 200,000 copies of Justice League has been sold-out. This book currently is on its 2nd printing. Heard a 3rd printing is also on its way. 

I did my bidding by offering the shop RM25 to get this Jim Lee’s cover. Although it’s not a variant cover.

So just wait and see if they are gonna print more and bring more.. or maybe not? Lots of people are selling at rocket-price on eBay too. ;)

REVIEW: Due to the final chapter of Flashpoint, everything we ever known has change in a “flash”. That’s how we see how the DC Universe has change by introducing a whole new character series of Superheroes. But not all of them are superheroes. 

Justice League will see the eventual beginning of the meeting of the league. The New 52 is also an absolute tie-in for all characters involved. Now that just remind us about 52 Weeks before Final Crisis. But no. It’s different. We see a funny relationship between Green Lantern Hal Jordan with Batman in Gotham City and Metropolis.

We even get to sight Superman in between. The Superman we all know? This Superman is totally different. He is like from another universe. He reminds me of my favorite whining character: Superboy-Prime. Oh my gosh, he really sound him! And I’m beginning to love this new story! There I was hoping Prime to get his own title. I think Geoff Johns is trying to show us what’s it like to be a cocky boy scout! ENTER Action Comics #1 to find out! (Well I read it and have not purchase yet). - Jordache Wee, (B L N B R D) 

I woke up and I went downstairs. I switched on the desktop computer and spotted Angela Sarafyan on the Maxim’s September 2011 issue cover.

Flip a couple of pages and….. BAM! WTC is that?

Jane’s Addiction - Dave Navarro, holding his pink Fender Strat with a HELLO KITTY on it! - Jordache Wee, B L N B R D

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